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Bottle Gourd Chutney (Low Calorie n High Fiber)

Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits You’d Like to Include:

Bottle gourd is one of the calorie-dense vegetables, with just 14 calories per 100 grams. It contains 90% water that re-energizes your body and prevents future exhaustion by replacing the much-needed water content in your body.

Regularly eating Bottle Gourd helps to enhance digestion and keep the digestive system on track.

The peel of the bottle gourd is also high in nutrients and may make it into a tasty chutney that goes well with idli or dosa. This chutney is simple to prepare and ready in no time.

Bottle Gourd (Unpeeled)2 cups
Water½ Cup
Bengal Gram (Roasted)2 Tbsp
Fresh Coconut (Grated)1 Cup
Green ChillyTo Taste
SaltTo Taste
Curd2 Tbsp


Oil½ Tbsp
Mustard Seeds½ Tbsp
Curry Leaf6 – 8
Asafetida1 Pinch


  • Pressure cook bottle guard in water.
  • Cool and add bengal gram powder, coconut, green chilies, curd and salt and grind in to a fine paste.
  • Add seasoning of mustard, curry leaves and asafetida.
  • Use tender coconut and grind coarse or fine. [Appx 360 cal]

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