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Hello, I am Ankita pujari - a classical dancer and blogger by passion but a dietician by profession. I would like to share my story as I believe that it will inspire you, to say the least. There was a time in my life when my flabby body caused me embarrassment. As a performing artist, it affected my self-confidence. Thanks to my uncontrolled eating habits and misconceptions about workouts!!! Initially, though I went through several exercise plans, everything ended up in utter disappointment.

But 2017 was a magical year for me. With a lot of research on different diet plans, I formulated how a healthy weight loss diet plan can be correlated with a fit exercise plan. Within 9 months I shredded 51 kgs!! The transformation story may be unbelievable. But I am the testimony.

I shared this secret diet –exercise combo with my friends and they were also completely satisfied with the results. As a passionate blogger, I couldn’t resist myself from propagating this fitness mantra around the world. That’s how my ‘mydietclub’ was born. Reaching out to you with a customized fitness plan for the mental and physical well being is the main motto of my website and its blogs. The overwhelming response from my huge client base is the backbone of this endeavor.

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